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Concaved Wings!

As a Shaper I have been journeying down a path (several actually) but lets talk about the path more “concaved”.

I have long been intrigued with the potency of concaves and how for so long mainstream surfing has dictated that concaves should be minimal and shallow. Anything over 1/8″ was seen as excessive. What a load of bollocks!

Surfboard design has been stifled in this way pretty much since the onset of thruster refinement which has dominated surfboard design for the last 25 years!

Refinement has an important part to play, don’t get me wrong, but 25 years?… enough!

So, by now, we all know that concaves work in many applications in the bottoms of surfboards, like in a general sense. i.e. the nose third of a longboard or the entire bottom of a thruster.

My journey has taken me to concentrate on using concaves in conjunction with wings in the outline and vee transitions in the bottom contours. Concave wings which engage with the wave face, pivot into turns and squirt forward with a smooth flow.

It’s exactly what we all want from our surfboards, instant speed on tap that blends into and out of our turning arcs whether they be short or long.

On edge hold and control.

It’s called positive engagement.

It happens under your back foot on any C-Wing design by Surfline Custom Surfboards.

I’m adding it to many of my existing models to “make a good board better” and I’m using it as the basis for new design inspirations.

Check out the C-Wing revelation on these exciting Surfline Models:

Sea Creature

Mini Sea Creature

C-Wing Mini Simmons

C-Wing Fish Twin Keel

C-Wing Quad


C-Wing Innovator

C-Wing Innovator Deluxe

Competitor C-Wing



C-Wing Fish Twin Keel



Competitor C-Wing


Sea Creature


Stand by for more C-Wing revelations…




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