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HOT CURL (Part II): a leap of faith

The Hot Curl (Finless) has continued to intrigue me.

My decision to “Step Up” the research and development of this extraordinary Surfboard design has been a wild and exciting ride.


My current Hot Curl Quiver:

Left to Right: 6″0″; 7’0″; 7’0″; 9’0″ and 7’0″

My surfboard design philosophy is all about positive engagement and these Hot Curl designs are no different.

I’m not looking for slide, slip or spin as part of the performance of these Finless boards. The goal is to achieve a positive connection to the wave at all times.


 Freshly shaped Hot Curl Nose Rider:

The aim is to let the shape do the work and nose ride without the aid of a fin.


Indulging my passion for the beauty and mysteries that timber holds as a design component.


 6’0″ x 22 3/4″ x 3 1/8″ Re-evolution Prototype:

The idea of this board is to explore Hot Curl applications in a shorter format. I purposely pushed the planshape out wide to see how this affects the holding power of the tail.


Hot Curl foils are unique


 Hot Curl variations:

These two 7’0″s vary only in their planshapes. They share the same rocker and profile foils. The idea was to have a mid length Hot Curl in two variations for direct performance comparison.


Latest Hot Curl Re- evolution:




Early one morning:








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