Surfline Double D Tee

The Double D is a Dunger with a D fin. My surfing/surfboard making journey started just when the old longboard shapes had been completely superseded by the shortboard revolution. The old Dungers were unwanted and worthless. The Double D is inspired by the early surfboard building efforts of our surfboard pioneers. It’s a tip of the hat to all those that came before me. The Double D also draws inspiration from our Kiwi Summer lifestyle and surfing culture. Pohutukawa’s in full bloom, warm waves and long hot days. B.B.Q’s with family and friends after a day enjoying our beautiful coastline. Boardshorts drip dry on the line, the old Dunger leans against the shed after tickling the feet of it’s rider with sensations that only a Dunger with a D fin can offer. The Double D is both de-tuned and slick, an addictive experience where the board and the rider become one – Roger

Available Sizes